KDROI Review – The EASIEST Way to Submit Your Free KDP Promotion

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How do you submit your free KDP promotion?

  • Do you use Fiverr?
  • Maybe you have freelancer’s that promote your Kindle eBooks?
  • Or maybe you use a book submission tool where you need to pay a fee every time you schedule a new promotion?
  • Doing it yourself?

Whatever you use, there’s no denying that it can be time consuming and pretty costly when marketing each of your Kindle eBooks.

Well, not anymore.

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How to Get Started on Blab – Getting Ready for Your First Blab.im Broadcast

how to get started on Blab

How to get started on Blab and tips on getting ready for your first Blab.im broadcast.  Includes my Blab checklist.

What is Blab?

Blab is a live video broadcasting platform where up to four people can be live at one time.  It is similar to Google Hangouts, but removes the technical barriers to entry because you can broadcast from your Desktop or your phone.

Blab is a great platform for interviews, collaboration, and Q&A or hot seats; whereas Periscope is great for individual broadcasts.

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