Word Swag Tutorial – Use Your iPhone for Book Marketing

Since January 23rd, I’ve posted a quote graphic *almost* daily, creating and posting over 114 quote graphics on social media in the past 17 weeks. This is called momentum!

People have asked me what I’m using to create this graphics and so I decided to create this short Word Swag tutorial of one of my favorite apps, Word Swag.

This is how I have turned my iPhone into a book marketing machine…

Don’t Break the Chain

Writing Advice from Jerry Seinfeld

Don’t break the chain.

This weekend last year I was training hard for the Pike’s Peak ascent. Leading up to the Ascent, I did the Black Canyon Ascent this very weekend last year, six miles up hill all the way. I’m not a very good athlete so it was very intimidating to me, but I finished it and it gave me so much confidence for the next step of my training for the Ascent. Since the Ascent where I met my BIG goal, I have not been running much. I’ve been walking, hiking, and trying to stay active, but I have not been running like I was last year. This weekend my husband decided to run a race in Eagle, Colorado. We were checking out the trail ahead of time and we did around a mile hike up and a mile back. Oh my goodness, I realized how out of shape I am because I have not been continuing that training.