Why I Don’t Recommend A Free MailChimp Account

Why I don't Recommend a Free MailChimp Account

There are some very specific reasons I don’t recommend a free MailChimp account.  I will share these reasons with you in this post.

Marketing does not have to be stressful and you do not need to be sitting behind your computer all the time consumed with posting new content or sending emails.  Let me share with you tips on how to do your marketing in a fun and easy way.

Don’t Make This Book Launch Mistake

Don’t Make This Book Launch Mistake

When you are having a book launch, there are definitely things you want to do.  However, I want you to avoid one very important book launch mistake.  I will share more in this post.

Planning a book launch can be a little bit overwhelming. I’m in the middle of a book launch right now for this book, Build and Grow Your Author Platform.

Though I have been doing book launches since 2008, this one is different. It is a book launch outside the box. And I realized that I might have made a book launch mistake!

Let me share with you these things that I have learned which I believe is important for your next book launch.