100+ Places to Promote Christian Books

places to promote Christian books
In this post I share over 100 places to promote Christian books in response to this question I received:

Hi Shelley, thank you so much in advance for your advice. I just published a new devotional/motivation book for Christian entrepreneurs. I was wondering if you had any recommendations as the best place to market my book. I had good success with gospelebooks.net.

Do you know of any other similar sites? Thank you again for your help.

The majority of my books are Christian nonfiction books and so I have done a lot of research on this topic.  Here are a few resources to consider.

Embrace the Artist in You: 5 Simple Activities to Give You Freedom to Explore Your Creative Side

It’s been so fun seeing all the projects students have been posting to my class “Easy Coloring Book Design!”

One of the students posted in her review, “The only thing she does not address is how to overcome self-criticism when it comes to drawing!”

I do realize how important this is as I had a breakthrough moment around mindset when first getting into art.

Therefore, I decided to create a new class, “Embrace the Artist In You: 5 Simple Activities to Give You Freedom to Explore Your Creative Side.”

This class is currently completely free to join. I want to help as many people as possible find their creativity when it comes to art!

==> Join for free here: http://skl.sh/2hYnep3

embrace the artist in you