40+ Tools I Use in My Business (Almost) Every Day

40 tools I use in my business

Since I turn 40 this month, I am writing a series of “40 blog posts.”  In this post, I am sharing 40+ tools I use in my business (almost) every day.

My goal is to help YOU in every way I can, so if you don’t see something listed here that you want to learn about, contact me and I’ll look into helping you find the tools you need to succeed!

40 Great Inspirational Quotes to Encourage You to SHINE

40 great inspirational quotesThis month is my birthday month.  And this year I turn 40!  Therefore, I’m doing a blog series around the number 40.  This week’s blog post is a compilation of 40 great inspirational quotes to encourage you to SHINE.  These are quotes I have posted on social media and wanted to share them in one place with you here.

Whether it is writing a book, building a business, growing a ministry, or raising a family; my hope and prayer is that these quotes inspire you to let the gifts and abilities He has given to you to SHINE and impact those around you.

How To Publish A Book Bundle On Kindle

Lately, I have had several authors ask me how to publish a book bundle on Kindle. It really is not that difficult to do, but can have great rewards. There are several ways to put together a book bundle or book set and I will share these strategies in this post.

book bundle

Before I get into the logistics behind publishing a book bundle, here are two types of book bundles you can publish.

How to Conduct a LibraryThing eBook Giveaway

librarything ebook giveawayHave you heard of LibraryThing?  If not, LibraryThing is a website similar to GoodReads where readers can review books, interact with authors, and more.  It is free to sign up as a member.

One of the neat features is they allow members to conduct LibraryThing eBook giveaways.  Unlike GoodReads where you have to give away print copies of your book, on LibraryThing, you are able to give away eBooks.

I like this feature as it allows authors to conduct giveaways with no out of pocket expense.  You can give away Smashwords 100% coupons or create eBook files to  give away (i.e. PDF, epub and/or mobi files).