5 Steps for Overcoming Overwhelm

5 steps to overcoming overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  If so, here are 5 steps for overcoming overwhelm.  I personally needed to go through these steps recently when I was feeling overwhelmed. You can also watch the video rebroadcast from Periscope where I shared this training at the bottom of this post.

1) Listen to Music

Music can be therapeutic. Create a specific playlist that is calming for when you feel overwhelmed and another one for when you need motivated.

Did you know about Amazon Prime music? If you are a Prime member, you have access to commercial free music here: http://www.amazon.com/b?node=8335758011

2) Take a Mini-Break

Take a short 30 minute mini-break AWAY from your computer. It gives you the chance to focus elsewhere or nowhere.

Do something you love that nurtures you.  Ideas:

Go for a walk
Sit in silence
Take a Nap
Read a book (for FUN)
Have a cup of coffee
Go to the store
Tea on the porch
Play your guitar
Deep breathing
Yard work

3) Do a Brain Dump

Use a whiteboard, mindmap, or in a notebook. Sometimes getting OFF your computer can help when you feel overwhelm.

This can give you clarity on where to focus on first.

4) Prioritize your list

Urgent vs. important – what are the main three rocks you need to get done today?

On this step, I personally pray and ask for wisdom.

5) L.E.A.D. Process

LEAD is an acronym for my process for getting clarity on projects.

lead process logo L – Locating: Brain dump
E – Eliminating: Is there something you need to eliminate from your list?
A – Automating: What can you automate? (i.e. IFTTT.com, Zapier.com)
D – Delegate: What tasks can you delegate? (i.e. Using a VA, Fiverr.com, bartering, etc.)

Download my L.E.A.D. Process Worksheet here:

Click Here for the PDF Download

Take Action

Once you have completed these steps, it’s time to take action on your top 3 tasks for the day!


Periscope Video Replay

What Other Tips Do You Have for Overcoming Overwhelm?

Share your tips and strategies in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “5 Steps for Overcoming Overwhelm

  1. I REALLY needed this today. Sometimes the list does overwhelm then I feel as if I’m just revving my engine like crazy and getting no where!

    Stepping away from computer NOW!

  2. I am definitely feeling overwhelmed. Working through writing new books, learning how to market, and setting up a bizillion autoresponders, plus running a ghostwriting business and another part time job and I’m going bonkers.

  3. Hi
    I wanted to say I love this whole training. Normally I watch through my ipad. I use my PC so I could leave this message. I have learned so so so so mucccccch. I mean wow! Thank you Shelley.

  4. Thank you for all your material that you are presenting to us all, it is very inspiring and encouraging, and I would love to sign up for everything I can, the only problem is, right now I don’t even have the ability to sign up for the 10 $ lifetime access to the 30 day challenge, I am a missionary who is working in Thailand, and are a tentmaker, my age makes it now impossible to get a teaching position in the Thai schools, so I can no longer have a primary income. Which is one of the reasons I created my website, but also to get the message out and to be able to help more people from around the world. I have even had a call from the Philippines who wanted me to come and help them with the teaching on Hearing God’s voice. But short is short, so I had to decline.
    Would it be possible for your help to get the 30 day writing challenge as an offering? So I can get better at writing books that I need to write now and in the future, and even to write some journals for the teachings that I will give, It would help a lot.
    You don’t know me, so how can you trust me with anything more than that? Right now i have to run around a lot, so all my writing plans are being broken up, and delayed. I need to have a visa-run to get my visa renewed, I have been short for that too.
    It is my hope that your mail responder is set up to filter the messages you receive so it won’t become public as is.
    In this community all churches are working together, Baptists, Pentecostals, Full Gospel and other free churches.
    Looking forward to hear a word from you.
    In Christ