5 Ways Authors Can Use Periscope to Sell More Books

In this post, I’m going to share 5 ways authors can use Periscope to sell more books.

I love Periscope. I know a lot of people are talking about it, but, second to Facebook, it has become one of my favorite social media platforms. I love the instant connection. I love the video and the comments.

Plus, there is such a low barrier to entry. Personally, I’ve used Google Hangouts for a few years for webinars and there can be a steep technical learning curve. However, with Periscope, you can get started broadcasting with your smartphone after downloading the app. You can use a tripod, microphone, and/or lights to enhance your scope; but, you don’t need any of those things to get started.

If you are new to Periscope, download this PDF tutorial by Kim Garst, “Periscope 101” here:  http://www.shelleyhitz.com/periscope101

Watch the Periscope replay video or read the transcript below:

1.) Book Cover Reveal

The first way authors can use Periscope is to use a  live broadcasts for a book cover reveal. When you’re working on a book and you have a book cover you’re ready to share, you can use Periscope to connect with your audience.

I recommend narrowing it down to two different book cover options and then do a live broadcast on to Periscope to you can ask your audience which book cover they like best. I love getting feedback on book covers because it’s similar to a split test. Why not do your book cover reveal first, exclusively, on Periscope? Like breaking news you can say, “This is my newest book, and I’ll be revealing my book title, and my cover options.  I’d love to hear your feedback, so please join me live. You can simply printing off the cover options or have it on your iPad or on your computer and show them the book cover through Periscope.

Get them excited. Get them engaged. Get them to give you feedback.

You can even tweak your title from the feedback they give you. You can tweak the content in your book with the feedback they give you. This is a way, a super easy way to get really good feedback and to improve the conversions on your sales. If you can improve your book cover, improve your book title, and  improve some of the content, you’re going to have better conversions with your target audience.

That’s the first way that I recommend using Periscope to sell more books.

2.) Behind the Scenes

The second way authors can use Periscope is by sharing a behind-the-scenes scope. This can work for fiction or nonfiction. People love to see behind the scenes. You do not want your Periscope to be everything about you, “This is me, this is my house, this is my dog.” You want to add value. You want to give them something that hooks them to keep coming back. But occasionally doing a behind-the-scenes Periscope can be really great to build a relationship with your followers and your readers. They want to know a little bit more about you.

Maybe you can share with them your pet or a hobby that you have. Maybe you play an instrument and you can get on Periscope and say, “Hey, I’m an author, but I also play the trumpet,” and play a little song for them.

Or maybe you have a special talent with art and you have some paintings in your home that your personally have painted, and that’s something no one really knows. You could take them on a little tour and show them your paintings. It’s a behind-the-scenes look into your life.

3.) Book Giveaways, Coupons, and Special Scope Only Bonuses

The third way authors can to sell more books using Periscope is to do a scope only book giveaway, coupons, or special bonuses for those who purchase your book. Why not bring that on to Periscope and have a special Periscope where only those who come on live or watch the replay get that special deal?

One thing that has been very successful for me is when I launch a new book, I will have 2 to 3 days where when someone buys that book, they can get an extra bonus training in addition to the book. It’s usually something that’s very valuable, $27 to $297 and it’s related to the topic of the book.

What you can do is you can schedule a special Periscope and  offer a time limited bonus. Maybe it’s only good during the 24 hour replay. Once the replay is over, the special offer is over.

This is something that you can release on Periscope. You can look them in the eye, you can share the excitement, and it can be like a party, an event. Play a little music in the background, your favorite music and let them know, “I love jazz, this is my favorite music, thank you for joining me at my book launch party.” Make it an event and a fun time for everyone to spend with you.

4.) Host Live Q&A

The fourth way authors can use Periscope to sell more books is by hosting a live Q&A.  I’ve been a part of a couple author Q&A sessions on Periscope this week and they can be very effective. During one of the Q&A sessions, I downloaded the author’s book.

It can be very effective to host a Q&A and it’s so simple. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation because you’re followers and your viewers are going to give you the questions. If you’re not sure how many people are going to be live, then come up with a few questions that are your frequently asked questions that you often get from people.

If you’re a fiction author, you can come up with some questions about your different people in your book and how you came up with that, the back story, all of that. Nonfiction, there’s so many options for Q and A and things that you can do to offer a lot of value and to just interact with your audience.

5.) Lead a Book Club

The fifth way authors can use Periscope is to lead a book club. You can set up book club meetings where people are reading your book, then you meet once a week on Periscope to discuss it. This can be with fiction or nonfiction.

You can also lead one time meeting with book clubs using your book.  For example, you can have a page on your website that says, “Hey, do you lead a book club? If you lead a book club, I’d love to meet with you. We can meet live on Periscope or Skype. We can meet live on Periscope and we can discuss the book every week,” People love this option.

I have a colleague, she’s a fiction author, and she does this all the time on Skype. She meets book clubs and answers her questions and people love it. They get one-on-one time with the author to ask questions.

It’s a great way to use Periscope as an author especially because a lot of authors aren’t doing it yet. You can even organize your own book club and start meeting with your readers on a weekly basis and discuss your book.

Getting Started

There are a ton of people that are teaching Periscope beginner tips, but I wanted this post to be specifically on strategy and how authors can use this amazing platform to build their platform, but also to sell more books.

If you’re scared to do a Periscope, do a private one with somebody that you trust.  This way it is a private broadcast that only you and your friend see live.  You need to simply do it. My first 3 were horrible. They were so awkward. However, the more you do, the more comfortable you get.

Right now, it’s the ground floor for Periscope so those of us that are adopting it now, have a great opportunity.  Kim Garst has a Periscope course if you’re interested in going deeper.

I am encouraging authors, especially if you’re speakers, to join now. Don’t wait.  Get on Periscope now while it’s still new. I highly recommend it because this is a great way to connect with your audience.

And don’t forget to follow me on Periscope @shelleyhitz.

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