3 Ways to Use a Beta Group When Publishing a Book

Beta Group

Do you know what a Beta Group is and how it can help you when writing and publishing a new book?

In today’s training, I will share with you three ways on how you can use a Beta Group when publishing a book.

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Three Ways to Use a Beta Group When Publishing a Book

I’m in the middle of a huge book project. It’s probably the biggest book project that I’ve done up to this point, and because of that I’m taking it slow.

For this particular book I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted to make sure that everything was right and that everything was really above par before I published this book. So what I decided to do was use a Beta Group. Then I thought that this would be a great training to talk to you about.

Before we move forward, let us first define what a Beta Group is.

So what is a Beta Group?

A Beta Group is basically like a test group. They’re getting the early version, or what they call an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of your book, and then they will give you feedback.

I have over 150 people in my Beta Group. I’m so blessed that so many people have agreed to be in my Beta Group, but a Beta Group can be as small as just a few people.

So here are the three ways you can use a Beta Group when publishing your next book.

1. Get Feedback

The first way you can use a Beta Group is for feedback. Your beta group can give you a feedback on your story and the content. They can let you know if it is confusing or if it makes sense.

Another type of feedback you can get from your Beta Group is proofreading. Beta readers are great proofreaders as well. They can catch a lot of little mistakes, and little things that may even slip through your editors eyes.

I’ve been asking my Beta Group to give me feedback, and I’ve been getting some really good feedback that has helped me to improve things a little bit.

2. Accountability

The second way you can use a Beta Group is for accountability.

I’ve been finishing one chapter of my book every week. Yours could be on a different schedule but I’m choosing to Beta Groupfinish one chapter a week.

Then I send it to my editor, Deb Hall, who is great, by the way. If you need her contact information just let me know.

So I send my draft to her then she sends it back to me within a week. I will then accept the edits and format it for PDF and I send that to my Beta Group every week.

It’s built in accountability. I know they’re waiting for the next chapter and I know I can’t just make an excuse like, “I don’t feel like it.”

This book has been one of my most difficult books to write, and it is on a Christian topic so I believe I’ve had probably some of the most spiritual attack, keeping me from wanting to write this book as well.

I’m a person who loves to get things out there as quick as possible, but for this particular project I needed the accountability. I want to have the corresponding videos done for launch.

With those things in mind I decided to create the videos that go along with the book on a weekly basis inside my beta group. It was my sister who gave me the idea. She said, “You can create the videos and then everything can be ready for the launch.”

So that’s how I decided to proceed with this book project.

3. A Strong Street Team or Book Review Team

The third way that you can use a Beta Group is you will be able to have a strong street team or book reviewer’s team that then can help you once the book is done.

I will ask my Beta readers to write a review on Amazon once the book is published. It’s not a requirement for my group but you can make it a requirement for your group if you choose.

Now I know not all 150 of my Beta readers will post a review but even if only a small portion of those people post reviews for me, it would be provide great social proof.

My beta readers will have walked through the study and videos with me over 12 weeks.

They can also share with their friends, people they know, women’s ministries they know and different groups that might want to get the book, so they can help build buzz as a street team. Then, when I get ready for launch they can help me promote the book if they’ve enjoyed it.

I’m finding having a beta group very valuable, and I think it’s really what’s going to help me cross the finish line on this particular project as it has been really difficult.

I hope that this training gave you an idea about Beta Group and how it can definitely help you on your next book. Until next time!

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use a Beta Group When Publishing a Book

  1. Thank You Shelley.. I now understand the Beta Group… I believe I need to do that also. I am writing a book series on Depression, “Could it be Wrong Focus Syndrome” and my first of the series is about thoughts… It came as I was waking up one morning and the Lord said to me, “Kill the Killer Thoughts that are Trying to Kill You!” Wow it became revelation to me and so that is the name of the first book… so I gathered by the video that by facebook you asked, Who would like to be on my Beta Group to advance review my book… I like the idea of doing a chapter a week so I commit to that… thanks so much Shelley for that info… I also would like to know your editors info so that I can contact her as well and we can get this book out there… its been 2 years in the making. 🙁 but I don’t take the shame of it even tho I am learning from it to be more focus.
    Appreciate any advice you may have… I know I need to watch the videos diligently that you have.
    I have also created a website through instructions off youtube… LOL… not quite finished but getting there and it feels so good. also learned to create a FB page… 🙂 Learning to be techny savvy. You are an amazing young lady and I appreciate you very much and so love your dedication to Jesus. Lots of love and appreciation… Jennifer

    • I’m glad this was helpful to you Jennifer. Since you are an Author Audience Academy member, please feel free to post any specific questions you have on this topic in the private Facebook group and we can discuss it further. Thank you!