Why My Book Launch Was Not Just About Book Sales (Gasp!!)

Why My Book Launch is Not Just About the Book Sales

Why would you think about doing a book launch if it isn’t about book sales?  In this post, I’m going to share why my most recent launch was about so much more than just selling books.

Honestly, I don’t see many authors thinking outside the book.  However, it is powerful when you do.

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Disappointed With Book Sales?

Many authors I talk to are disillusioned, frustrated, and disappointed because their book sales are not going as well as they hoped.

To be honest, I’ve been there too.

But, too many times we are not looking for all the ways we can leverage our book launch for income, impact, and influence.

We’re simply thinking about book sales.

Let’s take my most recent book launch as an example.

I’ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into it. I have a list of thousands of authors, but I only ended up selling around 50 books.

If my only goal of this launch was to sell books, I would be kind of depressed right now.

However, a book launch can yield amazing results for us beyond the book if we allow ourselves to think outside the book.

Every time I plan a book launch, I set goals for what I want to accomplish.

Let me share with you the goals I had for my latest book launch.

p.s. It was NOT just about the book sales!

Why My Book Launch is Not Just About the Book Sales

Book Launch Goal #1: Sell More Books

Obviously, my first goal is to sell more books.

I would love to sell a TON of books, but that is simply my first goal.

NOTE:  There are several things I would do differently with this launch next time to sell more books.  I share these lessons learned in the bonus training within Author Audience Academy.

Book Launch Goal #2: Build My Email List

Doing this book launch, I was able to build my email subscriber list by encouraging those following the FREE 5-Day Author Platform Challenge to sign up here.

My email list is the number one asset I have in my business and should be yours as well.

Email subscribers are potential customers that have the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with us.

You can think of them as your “lifers”, your “tribe” or your community.

Book Launch Goal #3: Build Buzz About My Brand in Social Media

With this book launch, I asked those who signed up to the free challenge to share or tweet about my book launch.

People can also share the Facebook live videos and even invite others to the Facebook event I created.

Therefore, my book launch is an opportunity to build buzz about my book, my brand, and my services.

Book Launch Goal #4: Get More Reviews

Why My Book Launch is Not Just About the Book Sales

For this book launch, I created a photo contest for those who buy a printed version of my book.

Details are available at ShelleyHitz.com/PhotoContest.

For everyone who enters the contest, I created a reply email that says “if you enjoyed my book I would love your honest review on Amazon. As an author yourself, you know how authors love reviews and you can post your review here: URL.”

This strategy helps me get more reviews on Amazon that can further encourage other potential readers to buy the book.

Book Launch Goal #5: Create a Repeatable System

I also wanted to create a repeatable system that I can share with my members inside AuthorAudienceAcademy.com.

Through the entire book launch I documented everything. I created swipe files and templates and added my entire system as a downloadable bonus for my members to use for their own book launches within Author Audience Academy.

And my members are loving it.

author audience academy

Book Launch Goal #6: Give Tons of Value to My Tribe

One of my goals this week is to give incredible content and establish myself as an authority in my field.

I want to be able to give content that will then encourage my followers to sign up for Author Audience Academy during a special promotion I did the week after my book launch.

And it worked!  I had over 100 new members join Author Audience Academy as a result.

By giving valuable content, your followers will keep coming back for more.


I want you to think about this question the next time you have a book launch: How can you think outside the book?

I want you to sell books, but I also want you to take off your blinders and think of other ways you can leverage your book launch.

If you haven’t signed up yet for my FREE 5-Day Author Platform Challenge, I encourage you to do so.

I have given away so much incredible value and it’s not just me saying it. People are getting ‘ah-ha’ moments especially on day two of the challenge.

You can go to ShelleyHitz.com/PlatformChallenge, sign up and get access to these valuable trainings.

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