The EXACT Equipment I Use for my Facebook Live Broadcasts

The EXACT equipment I use for my Facebook Live broadcasts

Someone recently asked me this question, “Shelley, what equipment do you use for your Facebook Live videos?”

Therefore, I decided to share with you in this post the exact equipment I use for my Facebook Live broadcasts.

It Starts With Your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, you can create videos for marketing your books and products.

I am a prolific video maker, as you can see on my Facebook page and Youtube channel, and it all stems from a simple smartphone!

Proper Lighting

Lighting is very important when you’re doing videos.

Good lighting creates a beautiful effect in your video, giving life to your eyes as you speak. If the lighting in your video is dark, it’s really hard for people to see you and connect with you.

The lighting equipment I use for my videos is the Diva Ring Light. I purchased the from this page (see the coupon code too).

I love using it and it is such a great investment. Watch the video below to see how it works.

UPDATE:  I also ordered a Chat Light for when I travel. Their website currently says they are backordered after being featured on NBC’s Today Show! Find out more here.

I first used Limo Studio Photography Lighting equipment, which I purchased from Amazon here. So if you are in a tight budget, you can start with something like this.

If you don’t have a lighting kit yet, another source of good lighting is natural light. You can set up in front of a window and let the natural light be your lighting.

Microphone for High Quality Audio

The next thing I want you to check is the audio quality of your video.

I use a Rode Lav microphone for my iPhone. It has such good quality and it enhances the audio professionally. You can check it out on this link.

Another microphone that is more affordable (around $20), but still has great quality is the BOYA mic.  It also comes with a 20 ft cord so it gives you more flexibility. I have started using this mic simply due to the ability to stand further away from my phone without knocking over my equipment (that did happen once in a livestream, LOL!)

You can find out more about the BOYA mic here.

You can also create videos without the microphone as long as you have a decent audio pick up using your smartphone’s microphone. However, it is so much better to have the microphone as it gives better quality audio.

Tripod and a Tripod Mount

The EXACT equipment I use for my Facebook Live broadcasts

I use a tripod so my videos are steady. You can check this tripod on this link and the mount that goes with it here.

I also have a phone adaptor that I connect to my regular tripod. This was what I used in the beginning.

So that’s it. I have my smartphone, proper lighting, decent audio and a tripod and a mount to complete my set up.

You can even use this set up for simple photo shoots. I did it for my recent book launch for my book 9 Strategies to Build and Grow Your Author Platform.

I put my phone on the tripod, in a selfie mode, so I can see myself. I set up my lights, and set up the timer on the photo and that’s it!

I then used an app called Photo Toaster to edit the photos and make them look more professional.

I finished it in under 5 minutes!


I personally broadcast in front of a white painted wall.  However, I heard Kimra Luna recently say she pinned up a big piece of fabric on the wall where she broadcasts.

I also recently found a tool you can use if you broadcast from your office chair.  It’s called Web Around:

How to Start Recording Videos

I want to encourage you to start doing videos.

Videos and speaking is one of the best ways that you can connect with your audience and eventually, sell more books and products. People get to know you and get to trust you.

If you don’t feel comfortable in taking videos of yourself, start by recording videos on your smartphone that you never intend to publish.

Record a two-minute video every day, for 30 days and after 30 days you will have more confidence and be more comfortable recording videos.


Lastly, I want to share one final tip with you.

When recording your video, make sure that you are looking at the lens of your camera and not at yourself.

You are going to make much better contact when you’re looking at the camera lens and it will be more personal to your audience.

So what are you waiting for? Start putting your smartphone to work and practice recording live videos.

Would you be interested in a FREE Live Video Challenge?

My FREE Live Video Challenge To Sell More Books will be a 5-day challenge to help you prepare for and record your first broadcast on Facebook Live.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please leave a comment. The more people that are interested in this challenge, the more likely I will consider investing the time into creating it.

==> Simply post “Yes!  I’m interested” in the comments below.


UPDATE:  I’ve gotten so much positive feedback that I decided to create a FREE 5-Day Live Video Challenge you can sign up for here:


Watch the Video Below:

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71 thoughts on “The EXACT Equipment I Use for my Facebook Live Broadcasts

  1. Wow!! An Amazing how to get setup for doing Videos online. Thank you so much Shelley for all of the free knowledge share and in-depth experience that you have provided. I hope to be able to put to practice right away, the information that you have given. I have been looking for a more effective way to get my message out to a broader audience from just our website as an online pastor and businessman.
    Thank you again

  2. I’m interested but I don’t have an iPhone. Is there an Android equivalent you know of? If not I can search it out. I’ve thought about doing videos for my devotions, then having them transcribed into book form from there. Instead of starting with the writing.

    • Chris – you should be able to access Facebook Live on an Android phone as well using the mobile Facebook app. I have heard that some Android users don’t have access yet for some reason. Check and let me know.

  3. Scared to death, like the 30 day tip of just doing it for myself, not sure if I will ever go live, but a good test to see. Thanks so much for all your amazing insight and training. Carol

    • Cindy – you should be able to access Facebook Live on an Android phone as well using the mobile Facebook app. I have heard that some Android users still don’t have access yet for some reason. Check and let me know.

  4. Yes. I have just published an ebook on Kindle for couples. This would help!!
    Note: This book is written from a Christian perspective. I say this because my website
    is bestlovesecrets.

  5. This would definitely be pulling me out of my comfort zone! I’ve been avoiding making video for years! (Lol). Yes, I’m interested the 5-day video challenge, Shelly!

  6. Sounds like a great idea with practical tips! I’m not to the stage yet and my process so I wouldn’t be able to participate right now.

  7. I think it sounds like a great training. I just purchased a chat light – small light that fits on my I phone or my lap top ( for blab). Used it once and like it.

  8. I’m timid to get into video just because of my busy household, but I know it’s something I’ll need for sure down the road. It would be fun to learn from you, so count me in!

  9. Shelley,
    My interest in your interview training program is of another kind. Before retiring and becoming a writer of fiction, I spent over 25 years in broadcast news, most of it in television. I did many interviews with artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers.

    What seems to be missing from your program is guidance on how to be a good interview subject — in how to effectively present onesself on camera.

    If you would be interested, I’d happily work with you on developing the interview program content, in exchange for some assistance from you in promoting my novels THE BANSHEES, NIKA and IDIOT’S TALE.

    • Thank you James! My focus is nonfiction at this time so I wouldn’t be the best fit for you. If you have any tips you’d like to share inside the challenge let me know. This is about Facebook Live video so won’t be interviews but primarily a solo broadcast.

  10. Yes, I am interested. Would Facebook Live be a good place to do short free teachings as well as promoting a book?

  11. Hi Shelley,

    Once again, I say : You are so cool ! I’m a big fan of yours. I am just starting to get me feet wet, will be doing marketing coming up sometime (Fall, maybe) and will be using videos. I am interested in your information about doing videos, but am not ready to do so now. I appreciate the inspiration, though. You take care.

    Richard Rybicki, MSW, LCSW

  12. Yes. After looking up what Facebook Live is, I want to learn how to do it. According to the FB Help, their Android app is good to use. Reality may be different. In the meantime, I’ll test out your 30 day challenge to “get comfortable with it.” Thank you.

  13. JIT. Just in time
    Your email yesterday questioning interest in a training video could not have come at a better time. This morning I received a request from Udemy that I do a short video for their upcoming instructors conference.

    I would really like to have more training so I’ m in

  14. “Yes! I’m interested”

    I am writing my first book, so I will definitely need this once I have completed. Also would like to do some promotional activities for a friend who has already published more than 8 books.