Free Training from Shelley Hitz on Writing, Self-Publishing, Book Marketing, and More

free training from shelley hitzI wanted to have a place where I could compile all the free training I have for you on writing, self-publishing, book marketing, and growing a business.

If you would like more personalized help, I also have a group coaching program and one-on-one coaching available.

Here’s the list.


Podcast:  Author Audience

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YouTube:  Shelley Hitz TV

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Live Broadcasts

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Webinar Trainings

I regularly host webinar trainings.

“3 Proven Book Writing Formulas Every Nonfiction Author Needs to Know.”  Sign up here:

“Amplify Your Message: 5 Easy Ways to BUILD and GROW Your Author Platform to Sell More Books (Without Being Pushy or Self-Promotional). Sign up here:


Procrastination to Publication Training

When you post a review for my podcast on iTunes and send a screenshot to contact (at), I will send you my Procrastination to Publication training for free.

Get more details here:

Other Trainings

(1) ASCENT method – Learn how to write your nonfiction book FAST using my 6-step ASCENT method here:


(2) Download my PDF with 5 of the tools I use to self-publish books at


(3) Download a free copy of my book, “Self-Publishing Books 101” here:


(4) Tips on Writing a Book – How to Write a Book From Outline to Finish Line


(5) Get my training on 27 Ways to Sell More Books here:


(6) Godly Gain – Get access to our private Facebook group for Christian entrepreneurs at


(7) Discover the 3 things every author needs to have as part of their marketing plan at


(8) – Finally, Get More Writing DONE! Join Writing Week: A FREE 7-Day Nonfiction Writing Challenge


(9) Amazon webinar – Amazon sells more than 75% of all books in North America. Are you getting your share of these sales? Marketing our book on Amazon: 7 things you can do for free


(10) Productivity coach software – ($27 value)


(11) Post-publication checklist


(12) Two ways to sell more books worksheet (see the video here)


(13) Website optimization checklist


(14) 7 Social Media Post Templates for Authors


(15) The 15-Minute Game Changer:  Do you really know WHY you write?  This short training will help you overcome writer’s block and give you motivation to finish your book.


(16) 5-Day Author Platform Challenge:


(17) 5-Day Live Video Challenge:


Enjoy!  I love sharing what I’m learning with you.

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