How to Get Started on Blab – Getting Ready for Your First Broadcast

how to get started on Blab

How to get started on Blab and tips on getting ready for your first broadcast.  Includes my Blab checklist.

What is Blab?

Blab is a live video broadcasting platform where up to four people can be live at one time.  It is similar to Google Hangouts, but removes the technical barriers to entry because you can broadcast from your Desktop or your phone.

Blab is a great platform for interviews, collaboration, and Q&A or hot seats; whereas Periscope is great for individual broadcasts.

They are different platforms used for different purposes.  My BIGGEST tip is to not think you need to do everything.  Choose 1 or 2 social media platforms to focus on and do them really well.  You can watch one of my Periscope replays on the differences between Blab and Periscope here.

Blab is also a platform that is better for introverts.  Instead of you doing ALL the talking, you will share the stage with up to 3 other people.

Blab 101: Getting Started on Blab

I recently hosted my first Blab broadcast.  You can see the video replay I uploaded to YouTube below.  Or you can watch the replay of my Blab on this topic here:

How Can Authors Use Blab?

Using Blab is an easy way for authors to create an optin bonus for a book. Invite someone to come on to Blab that can discuss a topic related to your book and record the session. Blab then gives you the video and MP3 files as well as an embed code.

You can use these files in a number of ways:

  1. Bonus optin from your book.  Build that email list!
  2. You can get the Blab interview transcribed and include some of the content in your book or simply include the transcript as part of the bonus.
  3. Or if it’s really good information, you might even consider selling the transcript on your website with the audio and video downloads.


Blab Blog: You can get up-to-date information on the Blab blog at

Blab FAQ: Currently located here

Blab Tutorial:

Blab Video Tutorials:

Blab Checklist: (my checklist in PDF format)

Don’t forget to join me on Blab by following me here:

Getting Started on Blab Checklist

Sign up for Blab using your Twitter account

  • On your Desktop or mobile device using the Chrome browser at (Chrome is currently the browser that works best)
  • And/or download the iOS app
  • Currently all of your Twitter followers will automatically follow you when they join Blab.

Update your profile and add a URL (include the http:// so that it is a clickable link)

Join a Blab as a viewer to get used to the setup

  • Left side: share to Twitter
  • Right side: chat
  • Typically the host is in the upper left hand corner. You can know who the host is by seeing whose name is in the URL for that Blab.
  • Click on the username to see their profile and decide if you want to follow them on Blab and/or Twitter
  • Hover your mouse over the username in a comment and you can:
  • Click the arrow to reply to that user directly
  • Click the star to show that you like their comment
  • Click the hands in the bottom right hand corner of the broadcaster’s video to give them props and let them know you enjoy their content.

Use short codes:

  • /q = question
  • /topic to change the topic if you are one of the four broadcasters. This will also change the title of the Blab.
  • /shrug or /tableflip to express your opinion

Paste a URL in the chat

  • Don’t include the www. or http:// simply enter (i.e.
  • You can paste the URL of an image to post an image as a comment

Click the button below to download the PDF version of my Blab checklist for FREE.

Click Here for Instant Access

Blab Broadcaster Checklist

IMPORTANT: If you are broadcasting from your desktop, make sure your settings are set up correctly. In Chrome, go to settings/show advanced settings/privacy/content settings and scroll down to the media section to change your camera and microphone.  

It should be found at this URL on the Chrome browser: chrome://settings/content

change settings for video on blab

To adjust your sound, you may need to go into your computer’s settings. For example, I needed to turn my mic down a little and did so on my Mac by going to system preferences/sound/input). You can also change the settings by clicking the “lock” icon to the left of the URL when logged into Blab.    

change blab permissions in URL

If broadcasting from your Desktop, be hardwired into your internet when possible. I have a 50 foot cord so I can plug in from my internet router directly to my computer for Blabs, Google Hangouts, Skype interviews, etc.

Schedule your Blab up to 30 days in advance. 

Use the URL to promote.  

Send the URL to others who will be on the Blab with you.   

Consider using to share your Blab on other social media platforms.

Record your Blab.  

You MUST click the record button when starting your Blab or it will not record.      

You can pause a Blab and go off record and it will be removed from the recording. Use this when you want to share a special offer or a personal story you don’t want online forever.

Recording will only be on the host’s profile. But if you search for your name you can see the Blabs you’ve participated in.

The recordings are on Blab forever. Currently you can’t delete them, but if you contact @teamblab on Twitter they may be able to remove it for you.

You will get the MP4, MP3 and an embed code for your recording.  

All Blabs are public. You currently cannot start a private Blab.    


Use a quality microphone: When broadcasting on my Desktop, I use the Blue Yeti.    When broadcasting on my phone, I use the Rode Lav mic that plugs directly into my iPhone.

Use earphones/earbuds to decrease feedback from the audio of other broadcasters.

Webcam: I use a Logitech HD webcam.   

Lighting: I use this lighting set but you can also use a Diva Ring light or a LuMee iPhone case

Don’t forget to join me on Blab by following me here:  

Download the PDF version of this checklist for FREE

Click the button below to download the PDF version of my Blab checklist for FREE.

Click Here for Instant Access      


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6 thoughts on “How to Get Started on Blab – Getting Ready for Your First Broadcast

  1. Great post Shelley, it was your comment about how many leads you are getting by doing Blabs and Periscope. I am finding the same thing, I tell people what to do and they go over to my sites and sign up. It is amazing. Questions if you do a Blab on your phone is there a way to have it recorded. I don’t see a record button. Love what you are doing, learning a lot

    thank you

    • Bruce, glad you’re learning a lot! I’m always learning something new…gets too boring otherwise LOL

      I haven’t personally done a BLAB from my phone, too nervous about the connection quality, but I know people do. I’d recommend tweeting their team for help on that here: