3 Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out


Have you ever wondered how to make your business card stand out?

In this training, I share with you three tips on creating unique business cards people actually want.

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Make Your Business Card Stand Out

In this training, I’m going to go through three different ways I’ve used to make my business card stand out. I’m still exploring new ways.

I’m always open to new things, because marketing, many times, is gaining attention. It’s getting someone’s attention. Many times that means doing something new.

#1: Have Something Different

The first way you can make your business card stand out is by having different quotes or have something different, on all of your business cards.

That way people are going to come up to you and want to pick which one they want. You can do this at Moo.com. They will let you choose different types of quotes, different things, and you can rotate them on your business cards.

I have not specifically done that at Moo, but I just returned from a business networking event.

What I did was, I took custom art pieces. Then on the back, I put my business contact information. I have my name, my title, my email, website, and how I could help them. And during the break at this particular business event, I said, “Hey, I have custom art pieces and it is on a first come, first serve basis. So whoever would like one of these, just come up, you can choose which one you want.”

Everyone rushed over to me to choose which one they wanted, and everyone took a card. It wasn’t pushy because they’re getting an art piece for free!

I create art on a daily basis and I don’t currently sell my prints. So this was an easy way for me to offer value, and it really worked. People just flooded over really quickly to pick which one they wanted.

You can do this in a multitude of ways, but have something different on your business cards so that people get to pick which one they like.

#2: Create Something Handwritten

The second way you can make your business card stand out is by just creating something that’s more handwritten.

So different than my artwork, you could create something that’s origami. I just looked up origami for envelopes and I created these little business cards.

This one has Author Audience Academy on it. Then, on the inside on some of these, I wrote a custom message. Then, on the back, I have a little sticker that I added to include my information.

So you can do it however you want, but make something a little more personalized. Do something that’s just different and catches someone attention differently than just the standard business card.

The other thing, I want you to think about is not trying to give your business card to every single person you meet. Instead, really be strategic on who you give your business card to.

So if you have ten business cards like this, you don’t have to go and fold 100 of these. You’re strategically looking for ten people that you want to give those to.

#3: Do it in Different Sizes

The third way to make your business card stand out is just to do a different size, or something different than someone is expecting.

So I had these wee little cards. They’re small, almost half the size of a regular business card. I had these printed at Moo.com, and on the back is like a journal cover. Since I’m an author coach that worked perfectly.

It’s different, it’s small, and I don’t know that I will get this exact business card again, but it’s an idea. Maybe as an author your business card could be a bookmark – that’s really smart. You could have your bookmark be a business card, or something else.

Think Outside the Box

I challenge you to think outside the box. What can you do to stand out?

When you’re at networking events, giving out business cards and giving out information, what is something you can do?

Something I see a lot of authors do on the traditional business cards, one side is their cover. If you set it up vertically your cover will look really nice on there. That’s an idea for something simple.

I really encourage you to brainstorm. Think outside the box. Think of what would fit your branding and your style. Then try something new.

Let me know in the comments ideas you have for standing out with your business cards.

Website Update

Also, I just wanted to share an update on the branding tip for authors of multiple genres that I shared in an earlier training. I currently have updated my site, so because I was going to a business conference this last weekend it motivated me. You can go to it now, ShelleyHitz.com and you’ll see what I have done.

On the landing page, now, there is an option to either go where my training is for authors, to get connected with some inspiration with my Broken Crayons Still Color books and podcast, and to take art classes from me, since I’m now teaching those.

You can see how I am directing the traffic, keeping everything under my personal brand of ShelleyHitz.com. I’m trying not to complicate it too much, and you can see what I’ve done there if that’s something that you’re interested in.

I will plan on still updating the landing pages for those three things eventually, but for right now I was like, “It’s good to go! It’s good for right now.”

So I just wanted to share those tips, because when I was at this conference this last weekend, I realized having these custom art pieces and everyone getting to pick their own, that was huge. I had these business cards and people started going back to their tables and saying, “Oh look which one I got!” Others would say, “Where did you get that?”

It can be a really effective strategy, and it worked really well. So I wanted to share that with you, and also because I updated my website before going to the conference I wanted to give you that update as well.

I hope that you found this training helpful. Until next time!


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