From Survivor to Overcomer with Annie Bell 

Today’s guest is Annie Bell. Annie a survivor of a disease called polio and child sexual abuse who has learned how to turn her misery into ministry; not only to the community of survivors of abuse but those who live with disabilities (seen and unseen). Her purpose is to inject hope and to be an advocate to the prevention of child abuse and sex trafficking. In this episode she will share her powerful story.

Kim Smith Shares About Teenage Pregnancy and Finding Her Identity in Christ 

Welcome back to the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast! I’m your host, Shelley Hitz and today’s guest is Kim Smith.

Kim knows what it’s like to experience the twists and turns of life. After getting pregnant at 16 and married at 17, Kim had to deal with bitterness towards two of the key men in her life – her husband and her dad. She has not only found her true identity in Christ but is now being used by God in powerful ways to help others. She shares her story in today’s podcast.

Jean Wise and Her Journey from Adult Orphan to Beloved Child of God

Today’s guest is Jeanie Wise. Jeanie’s dad died when she was 16 and her mom was gone by the age of 26. She has been an adult orphan most of her life. She is a firm believer in the practice of going on retreat – spending time with God. It was on one of her retreats where she faced her issues with abandonment and with God’s help – and a scene from the movie, “Bambi” she knew for certain, God would never abandon her. She now knows that she is a beloved child of God, always in his care, and will share her story in today’s episode.

Kim Hawkins Shares About Pain and Betrayal from Within the Church

Today’s guest is Kim Hawkins. There are certain things in life we will never understand this side of heaven. In today’s episode, Kim shares the pain and betrayal of being molested as a tween by a teenage boy from the church where her family worshiped. This is so difficult on so many levels and yet Kim is here to today to share her journey of hope and healing in Christ.

Abandonment to Forgiveness with Michelle Moore

Today’s guest is Michelle Moore. There are moments, memories, and situations that have left us with a feeling of deep abandonment. Most of us have experienced someone leaving us, whether through emotional or physical abandonment. Michelle was abandoned my both of her parents and struggled to make sense of her life story. Finally grasping hold of the truth that God would never leave her as her parents had, she found the key to forgiveness and released the painful past which had held her hostage. She will be sharing her powerful story in today’s episode.

How Cyndi Silvas’ Life Came Full Circle

Welcome back to the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast! I’m your host, Shelley Hitz and today’s guest is Cyndi Silvas.

Sometimes our lives come full circle. At 16 years old, Cyndi gave us her son for adoption. As you can imagine, this was devastating to her. However, God brought redemption many years later in several ways. Cyndi will share this story in today’s episode.