Sharon Hurkens’ Involvement in the Occult and How God Rescued Her

Today’s guest is Sharon Hurkens. As a teenager, even though Sharon grew up in a pastor’s home, she got involved in the occult. She lived a double life for 3 years, but God intervened and rescued her. The journey towards healing was slow and difficult. But God has been faithful and she is going to share her journey with us today on this episode.

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SHELLEY. Welcome back to the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast! I’m your host, Shelley Hitz and today’s guest is Sharon Hurkens. Hey! Sharon

SHARON. Hi! Shelley

SHELLEY.  I’m so thankful that you are having the courage to share your story today and I know it’s going to be a blessing to many. As a teenager even though Sharon grew up in a pastor’s home, I’m also a PK (LOL), she got involved in the occult. She lived a double life for three years but God intervened and rescued her. I’m getting teary eye just reading the opening statement (LOL). The journey towards healing was slow and difficult but God is when faithful and she’s going to share her journey with us today on the episode.

So, Sharon thank you so much for sharing I know this is a topic so many people need to hear about especially parents. But just start off by sharing with us, what did the broken crayons in your life looked like?

SHARON. Shelley, thank you so much for this opportunity.  I really do believe this is, as much for parents as what it is for teenagers wanting to dealt into the occult. My broken crayon looked like darkness, fear, insecurity. I grew up at beautiful little whole child that was save to the very young age and love God with all my heart. Then when satan came into my life and I had a, had the experience, fear grip me in such a bad way I couldn’t sleep with a light off anymore, I couldn’t go in to any dark spaces, I struggle to sleep, I had no peace, I was living in constant constant turmoil and fear.


SHARON. I feared everything in my life it was just very very dark time. And yet whenever I want it to share it with my parents they, it and I think it just the parent like me that you don’t want that to happen to your child. Or back in my day there wasn’t such a thing as nervous breakdown or psychological disorder or that wasn’t something you discussed. So there wasn’t medicine an option for me to go for medical help or anything like that.


SHARON. My broken crayon was fear.

SHELLEY. Now, tell me a little bit more you said when satan enter, what did that look like? Or what happened? What was that point for you?

SHARON. My cousin and I were playing a paper game. We were playing words on a page, and suddenly the pen started writing on its own. I held the pen and the pen just continue to write, it said “Hi” and I let the pen go and my cousin looked at it and she picked up the pen and said “Hi, my name is Peter.” And we didn’t hold the pen firmly it was just resting on our fingers and, I know this sounds crazy but when, I came to America and I lived as an adult, I heard about this things happening that this actually does takes place.

So when I thought that this was maybe this was just my imagination or you know when people would say “no you would just, you were doing it.” No I was not doing it because I didn’t know about the occult, I didn’t know about satan or any of those things. So he drew me in very carefully and very subtly, there was no mask that appeared or evil presence.

SHELLEY. Right. Yes

SHARON. He just daunted for a nice open welcome.

SHELLEY. Well, now you’re an author of words you know.


SHELLEY. You know, he drew you in through words which is probably something that is you know is your thing. Now did that continue to happened? Or what happened like what was the process that continued to transpire?

SHARON. Yes, the writing continued and they would eventually leave as written notes. And what happen was they would start to mess up our room, you know would start to happen, activity. So my cover doors would start to fly open, things would go missing. The bed would rise, we would be sitting on the bed and we would say some words and we would and the bed would start to lift. As a teenager this was the coolest thing to happen. I couldn’t tell my mom because she would again say to me I’m talking nonsense.

SHELLEY. Right, yeah

SHARON. For the first year or so everything was just fun, everything did with us was fun and we started a relationship because you know little girls at that age we want the male, we want a boyfriend and I lived on a farm I didn’t get to know boyfriend, I didn’t get to know boys.

SHELLEY. How old are you at this time?

SHARON. I was thirteen.

SHELLEY. Thirteen, okay.

SHARON. Yes, so I so desperately want to get married and all these good things were happening, and they were giving us opportunities to communicate romantically.

SHELLEY. Oh interesting. Yeah so what would you say was the lowest point during that 3-year period?

SHARON. When knives started to go missing at the kitchen and appeared on my bed and suddenly beings would appear and that’s started really scary but not really because we were so drown in at this time already, there used to be a car that used to suddenly start driving down the road you know and come around the corner and chase us, and we would be running and then the car would just disappear.

I know this sounds cookie but it really did happen. And then the lowest point was when we were going to get married to these whatever they were spirits or demons and of course I want to get married and I want to wear pretty dress and they said at midnight they are going to knock on the window and I must open up the window but the lights must be off because they are only dealing in darkness, they are only work in darkness. And we had our little hair done, we had our nails done and we had our pretty dresses on, we were waiting. And I was facing the window and we were sitting in the middle of the room, my cousin had her back to the window and at midnight. Now we lived on a farm, they were no cars running around at midnight.


SHARON. There was a road that pass by the window and at that night did not come in the window and just before I went to open the window, I looked up and a car suddenly came at down the road and the headlights shot on this awful awful being, I can see it to this day it was the worst hideous thing that I could ever think to, the other words to describe it. I suddenly scream and put the light on and I said right to my cousin that’s it, this is from satan.

SHELLEY. Wow, so you woke up at that moment?

SHARON. Yes, I woke and up I want nothing to do with it. She was mad at me and we never spoke for many years, in fact we only connected now recently again.

SHELLEY. So, you know that sounds it was probably the turning point for you.


SHELLEY. But what transpire to really like to bring you to where you are today?

SHARON. Well, after that, the darkness, I was still afraid of the darkness. I couldn’t, my mind will always struggling with the things that I’d seen. The apparitions that had appear, the bed lifting, I was always scared that they were coming to my life again and they did, they did try but somehow God put people in my life, I always continue to go to church and God put people in my life that spoke words of encouragement. They didn’t know about my dealings at all but they would always emphasize God and His hope and no fear, no fear because I was so afraid of everything and it will try to get me to break this fear. So, that was really, and then I met my husband and he was seriously into this kind of thing where you break the bondages.

SHELLEY. Yeah, yeah, I was wondering if you went through anything like that.

SHARON. Yes, and he helped me, and he helped me confess everything to the Lord and ask for God’s forgiveness and ask God to come into my life again, you know. So from there onwards, I started to focus on the light and gave myself permission to believe that I was worth anything that God would want to still continue to work through me.

SHELLEY. Yes, and now you are a pastor today right?

SHARON. Yes, I am yes. (LOL)

SHELLEY. (LOL) And so what a masterpiece you know that God’s created out of that craziness, and I think sometimes the people that God really has called to used in powerful ways the enemy comes in strong to steal kill and destroy says in John 10:10. I read a book call “Bondage Breaker” by Neil Anderson, I think that’s a great book for someone that is struggling with this, do you have any other resources or things that you recommend?

SHARON. Bondage breaker is excellent, Neil Anderson is excellent. No I don’t because sometimes it gets a little crazy people you know people get a little cookie out there.

SHELLEY. Yeah. If someone would want to contact you and ask you some questions about your experience, is there a way for them to contact you?

SHARON. Yes, my website is, or they can email me at

SHELLEY. Awesome, so if you want to connect with Sharon and it’s a very real thing even though it sounds like so fantasy, you know, it sounds like you’re in a fantasy movie, its real. And so what one piece of advice or encouragement, I want you actually give two, so I want you to give one piece of advice and encouragement to a person who is, has been exposed or is in that themselves right now. And then one piece of advice or encouragement to parents who suspect maybe their children are in you know involve in the occult.

SHARON. The advice that I would give to people who are wanting to delve into the occult is don’t believe the lie, that the power you can have is everlasting, he will destroy you, satan only wants to kill us as you mention that scripture in John 10:10. He does not have any hope, his plan for us is to kill us and to kill anything that God wants. So be careful and don’t, just, stop it. (LOL)

SHELLEY. And he will come in looking, looking good and will seem fun. Fun at first like you said like you know there’s a lot of shows coming out that are about magic, and this and that and it seems good and fun at first.

SHARON. Yes, yes

SHELLEY. And then later is where the bondage really becomes more apparent. And then what advice would you have for parents?

SHARON. Please listen to your kids. If they say that something is moving in the room or they’re hearing voices or they have an imaginary friend that doesn’t seem like you know, I know teenagers or kids do have imaginary friends but just be careful of the friend. Listen to your children and don’t ignore them, pray with your children at night and if your children are afraid help them through that fear, that there is no fear in Christ. Greater is He who lives in us that he is in the world. Parents please listen to your children.

SHELLEY. And so if they’re listening to them and their children says something to them, do you just recommend, they just you know continue to pray for them, get counselling, like is there anything specific after that that you would recommend?

SHARON. You can speak to your pastor about it, and the Sunday school teacher but what really helped me was because people don’t want to believe you know that this kind of stuff happens, so you might find that people start to avoid the child or something like that, but praying with your child teaching your child to resist the devil. Teaching your child these thing that there is a darkness, that there is the other side of life. It’s not the worst thing but they hope and their confidence is the light and Christ. Christ is the answer.

SHELLEY. Yes, Amen! has there any specific scripture that has really meant a lot to you through this journey?

SHARON. Yes, John 10:10 (LOL) “Jesus came so that we may have life, and have it to the fullest and satan only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” You know when I read that scripture it jumped out of me it so has become one of my life verses. Jesus wants us to have a life of fulfillment and so now I am His masterpiece.

SHELLEY. Wow, what a powerful story and I just pray that it really helps many. People either makes sense of what’s been happening to them or maybe to empower them or to help them with what’s going on in their home with their children. And so thank you so much for being willing to share and to speak out on this topic that a lot of people don’t really tend to talk about in the church.

SHARON. Thank you so much Shelley.

SHELLEY. Yes, and in closing you know you are such an example of how God can take our mess and turn it into a masterpiece.

SHARON. Yes, I am now a masterpiece and I’m God’s masterpiece.

SHELLEY. Amen. Well I pray all of you listening to this interview today were encouraged and blessed, if you are someone you know has a powerful story that you would like to share on the podcast, please apply at shelleyhitz/story, we would love to feature you. And thank you again for tuning in we will see you next time. Bye!

SHARON. Thank you Shelley.

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