Trista Laborn’s Wake Up Call

Today’s guest is Trista Laborn. Sometimes we can’t even see our broken pieces. We think everything is okay until one day we wake up and our life is falling apart. In today’s episode, Trista is going to share how God woke her up to bring deeper healing in her life.

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SHELLEY. Welcome back to the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast! I’m your host, Shelley Hitz and today’s guest is Trista Laborn.

Sometimes we can’t even see our broken pieces. We think everything is okay, until one day we wake up and our life is falling apart. In today’s episode, Trista Laborn is going to share about how God woke her up to bring deeper healing in her life. Welcome Trista!

TRISTA. Hi! Thank you for having me.

SHELLEY. I’m so thankful that you are willing to share your story and just share what God has been doing in your life. It’s just, it’s such an honor and privilege to have you.

I always like to start off with a question of what did the broken crayons or the broken pieces in your life look like?

TRISTA. Yes, so, to begin the story let me just explain that I’m a military spouse my husband is in the marines, I am a mom of three and I’m very driven when it comes to business. I love talking to other women, talking to just people in general just about business how they got there, why there are so passionate about it.

And so during this time, I was in before I did anything with blogging and things like that I was into bath and body products, I made that and I was in South Carolina during this time and so being that my husband is in the marine corp we moved to California, and that,


TRISTA. A big, a big jump. And not knowing anybody I felt like okay, this is a new start I can start my business and you know just get out there. Well during this time of me getting out there I was successful I was able to put my products in different spas, different places and trying to get my name out there. But during this time my husband let me know that, he said to me “Trista, you don’t love me” and during that time it hurt me.

Well, number one, I was surprised and number two, of course I was hurt because I felt like being a mom you know I was doing what I was supposed to be doing you know helping with my business and contributing to the household. But because of that situation what my husband said to me, it really just help me to a have a open mind state of what was really going on with my household. My household was literally on fire and I didn’t even know it because of just how purpose driven I was in my business.

SHELLEY. Yeah, I mean I just got chills there, it’s like I, I pictured a house being on fire. Like, and lives being at stake.

TRISTA.   Yes, that’s good.

SHELLEY. And, and you’re just sleeping through it. (LOL)

TRISTA. Pretty much. Yes.

SHELLEY. And you didn’t know!


SHELLEY. And, so would you say that it’s the lowest point when your husband told you that he didn’t feel that you have loved him?

TRISTA. Yes, that, that was definitely the lowest point and in addition to that, I was just you know talking to God, to God I’m a Christian you know and I’m in business and I’m talking to GOD like “God, You put that desire in my heart” you know and I’m actually doing it like I’m, I’m going out there.


TRISTA. You know, and God you know, really talked to me and showed that “Trista there’s other ways, you know, there’s My way” you know. I’m doing it like what everybody else who has a bath and body business, I’m doing it like them and that’s what He showed me and then, the lowest point was just in that midst of you know when my husband said to me and me just trying to figure out what to do because honestly what I was doing wasn’t working and just that hope you know in that midst of just being a frustrated angry you know hurt just in the, that was my lowest point right there and trying to figure out how my house, no longer have my house on fire basically. (LOL)

SHELLEY. Yeah, what to do next.


SHELLEY. So, what would you say was the turning point in this for you and how God just start to bring healing?

TRISTA. Yes, so it was through His word. He literally just drew me to His word, reading stories like Joshua and David and just how you know He used them not like everybody else you know. And that I didn’t have to do it what everybody else was doing to be successful right?

And so He just it was really His word that transform my mindset that really helped me to not have this burden to, of trying to figure out everything and that I can truly leave it to Him and trust Him and, and know that God does have the, His, His best in mind for me. You know and so it was just little by little His word just really feeding me and transforming me. Yeah.

SHELLEY. So, what were the things that you and your husband had to do to restore,


SHELLEY. That relationship?

TRISTA. Definitely, I had to you know, definitely share with him. First apologize and asked for his forgiveness.

SHELLEY. That’s huge

TRISTA. Right, right? (LOL)

SHELLEY. That’s huge, (LOL)

TRISTA. You know, and in addition to that I had to literally talked to him and let him know what was on my heart like, you know before I did it, It was just okay I just did it you know.

SHELLEY. Communication

TRISTA. Communication exactly. (LOL)


TRISTA. And so I share with him exactly what was on my heart. “Listen babe, I love bath and body products, I feel the Lord put this on my heart” and so on and so forth. You know I share those things with him and so, that little, that open up you know more communication for us, more understanding, and love, you know he love to do this whole process of, you know what I’m trying to figure this out I don’t know everything you know so, yes.

SHELLEY. I think you should mention two huge keys like you had to humble yourself first of all (LOL), admit that you were wrong.


SHELLEY. You know, actually three. So the first was to humble yourself, the second is to ask forgiveness.


SHELLEY. Like forgiveness is so huge when restoring relationships, whether you’re asking forgiveness or you’re forgiving someone else which ever side your on and then communication.


SHELLEY. Oh my goodness, like it’s so easy just to assumed things (LOL).


SHELLEY. And so that communication is soaky and then, you know you also talked about how God’s word just begin to transform you and changed you from the inside out.

What’s one scripture that really kind of encapsulizes and you know just shares what transformation you went through?

TRISTA. So, you know there’s so many. Right.


TRISTA. Like you know, but for me this scripture in Psalm 119:143 that’s the verse that really speaks to me is it says “As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in Your com, in Your commands.” And I sometime likes to say Your word because it’s His word that gives me freedom, it gives me joy, it gives me the strength to be a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur, you know and so it’s His Word His you know yeah, I think go on Shelley. (LOL)

SHELLEY. I knew it you could preach it right! (LOL). We have about 10 minutes so, but I love that scriptures says “as pressure and stress bear down on me.” If anyone is listening can you relate to that, can you relate to being in that place where pressure and stress are bearing down on you.


SHELLEY. If so listen to this promise “I find joy in Your commands or in Your word”. We can find that joy even in the midst of that of pressure and that stress in Him and it sounds like that’s the place that you’re at today.

TRISTA. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I’m definite, definitely you know, it’s literally ta-taken my faith into another level, you know I trust Him, I give everything to Him, I don’t stress when it comes to, especially being an entrepreneur that’s like something that we just do you know.

When things going wrong we have to be the one to fix it, pressure is this, deadline is this, but I, I literally give to God and God has literally be just been you know, molding me you know and I, I love it. I love where am at right now.

SHELLEY. Oh yeah! And it’s such an encouragement I hope that those of you who’d listening are encouraged as well. You know, there maybe a season that you’re walking through and you may not even know anything’s wrong until something happens.


SHELLEY. But take heart like God is with you, He’s walking through this with you. And Trista, if you would just have one piece of closing advice or encouragement for our listeners, why would it be?

TRISTA. Yes, we always say you know how good God is you know, that is so true you know God is not a punisher, He is a rewarder, rewarder okay, He loves us, He wants to bless us. So of course you know if it doesn’t look like what somebody else is doing and He’s telling you to do one thing and it feels uncomfortable just know that God is a good God. He wants to reward you. He wants to bless you, so what He’s asking you to do is not to hurt you is to bless you. That’s what I want to say. (LOL)

SHELLEY. Oh, thank you so much! I know that, that bless someone and that they’re receiving that right now in Jesus name. So, in closing I just want to remind all of you and myself and Trista as well that God can turn our messes into masterpieces.

TRISTA. Amen! Shelley and I am a masterpiece.

SHELLEY. I love that! And God is doing so many things and in through you we overcome by the blood of the lamb the word of our testimony. So thank you so much for sharing today. And thank you for being here for listening and we will see you next time. Bye!

TRISTA. Alright


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